verb /dəˈfī/

1: to confront with assured power of resistance

2: to challenge to do something considered impossible

Launched in 2020, DEFY Labs LLC proudly produces the world’s smartest hand sanitizer. We set out to make a hand sanitizer with pure ingredients that is effective against most commonly found germs, but without the dry hands, gross sticky feeling, and awful smells. Our scientifically developed formula contains organic ethyl alcohol and glycerin to moisturize your skin for a pleasant experience. You won’t find dyes, preservatives, sulfates, parabens, dimethicone, GMOs, or artificial compounds in any of our DEFY Organic Hand Sanitizers.

Finally, a hand sanitizer we can all love 🙌

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What is DEFY hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a solution formulated to reduce contagious microbes, germs, and bacteria on hands. When used as directed, hand sanitizers are popular for their convenience when washing hands with soap and water is not an option. DEFY hand sanitizer is an ultra-premium moisturizing hand sanitizer thoughtfully crafted with organic, plant-based ingredients.

What are the proper directions for use?

Spray a generous amount of hand sanitizer onto both hands so they are wet. Rub your hands together until they dry without wiping.

Why choose organic ingredients?

We only use organic ethyl alcohol because it is produced with sustainably grown, non-GMO sugar cane, grown without synthetic pesticides and other chemicals, and serves as an effective disinfectant. From the dozens of formulas evaluated during our product development, organic ethyl alcohol was superior to non-organic ethyl or isopropyl alcohol on skin, scent, and experience. The organic variant is less harsh on hands, does not have an astringent odor, and leaves a cleaner feeling after use. Similarly, we found the organic glycerin and essential oils to be superior than the non-organic alternatives. Together, the organic ingredients we source produce a premium hand sanitizer that is excellent for frequent use.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Shipping hand sanitizer is highly regulated because the product is flammable. We currently only ship to the lower 48 states in the United States via USPS HAZMAT Retail Ground. This service restricts the parcel to domestic ground transportation and requires special markings and handling. If you are local to the DC Metro area, you can select “Local Pickup” as your delivery option to save on shipping costs. You will then receive an email with the pickup location.

Can I buy DEFY Organic Hand Sanitizer in stores?

Yes. Select retailers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia carry DEFY Organic Hand Sanitizer. Please reach out to us at to find out which stores carry our products.

Why a spray and not a gel?

Spray pump liquid hand sanitizers provide more uses than gel hand sanitizers of the same volume. For example, our 2 ounce DEFY Organic Hand Sanitizer delivers over 500 sprays per bottle. Compared to gel hand sanitizers, spray pump liquid hand sanitizers do not use thickening agents or synthetic polymers required to suspend ingredients in gel form.

Is using hand sanitizer better than washing hands?

We don’t disagree that washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to keep your hands clean. When washing your hands is not an option, hand sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol by volume when used as directed have been proven effective against contagious microbes, germs, and bacteria.

Can hand sanitizers remove pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals?

Hand sanitizers have not been proven to remove or inactivate many types of harmful chemicals, like pesticides and heavy metals. To remove these compounds, we recommend washing your hands with soap and water or cleaning as directed by your local poison control center.